Thursday, 18 January 2018

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf's annual celebration of light technology and art is back, cheering up London's dark January evenings. More than 30 installations and artworks are dotted around the estate, both indoors and out. They range from small intimate displays to impressive interactive artworks you can enter and explore. So much to see - just remember to wrap up well. Here are some of the highlights:
This 6-metre wide Sonic Light Bubble greets you as you emerge from the Jubilee line tube's west entrance. It pulsates with light and sound when you approach or touch it, and constantly generates new visual patterns to a unique soundtrack.
Abstract, in Montgomery Square, is inspired by the concept of time and relativity. The lights move up and down five-metre poles, interweaving in an almost balletic mode.
Nearby is Intrude -  two huge inflatable giant rabits, their ears twitching in the breeze. They may look like something from a fairytale, but the environmental message is that in Australia, they are an out of control pest, leaving a trail of ecological disaster in their wake.
There's fun for all ages with the Luma Paint Light Graffiti. You can instantly create your own art on the wall of the Roof Garden, using a special light tool. When you're finished, the wall becomes blank again.
The giant Dazzling Dodecahedron invites you to step inside and bathe in the glow of the jewel-like colours from the panels, made of iridescent acrylic. In effect, it's a giant disco ball.
Future Fashion takes garments into the digital age. The panels react to audience input by changing colour, animating and displaying text.
Of all the displays, Reflecting Holons was to me the most magical. Long strips of oil-like transparent foil combined with spinning motors create ever-changing bubbles that look like drops of water.
This being Canary Wharf, what better to light up a dark corner than this rainbow lamp, a tribute to the estate's iconic central tower?
And if you are tired, take a break on the illuminated colour-changing benches in the Columbus Courtyard. They are now a favourite part of Canary Wharf's permanent collection.

Winter Lights runs until Saturday, January 27, 1700 - 2200. It's free, and relatively uncrowded.
You can download a map of the installations from, or pick one up when you arrive.

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