Friday, 14 April 2017

Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival 2017

Spectacular sights on the Thames this weekend between Deptford and Woolwich Arsenal, with some 30 tall-masted ships from around the world taking part in this festival of sail. Many are moored at Woolwich, including the Nao Victoria (below, centre), an exact copy of the first ship to sail around the world in 1522 as part of Magellan's expedition.
Visitors can book on select vessels for a cruise from Woolwich that takes you under the Emirates Airline cable car....
.......and through the Thames Barrier.
There are also free visits to ships anchored in the river, and great views from the riverside walk as these reminders of yesteryear glide past, sails billowing.
Landlubbers have not been forgotten.
Family entertainment with plenty of food and drink has been laid on in the Festival Villages at Greenwich and the Royal Arsenal Dockyard. You may spot characters from the past.....
...or even a mermaid!
On Saturday evening a spectacular show of fireworks will light up the night sky at Woolwich. The festival culminates in a dramatic finale on Sunday - a Parade of Sail, with all the ships mustering on the river around Deptford/Greenwich before setting sail at 5pm, and heading off to Portugal.

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