Friday, 15 January 2016

Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf

For the next week, London's Canary Wharf is aglow with a series of amazing art installations that range from this 18-foot-tall alien. (Fantastic Planet, by Amanda Parer) ....... butterflies in a rainbow of colours (On the Wings of Freedom, by Aether & Hemerea)....
....................and a digital waterfall spelling out words.  (Bit.Fall by Julius Popp).
Artists from four continents have created 18 sculptures, many of which are interactive. So you can stand on the touchpads of The Pool, by Jen Lewin, and watch the colours change (below),
or put your hand into Aura (2014) (below) to create sound to go with the lights. 
The free festival runs until Jan 22, 2016 and is best seen between 4 and 9pm.
Details and downloadable brochure at

 Here are some of the other installations.
Globoscope by Collectif Coin (spheres animated with sound and light)
Totem by Bitone Collective (responds to the presence of mobile phone signals)
My Light is Your Light by Alaa Minawi (a family of refugees fleeing conflict) 

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